1. insaneuberdork409@gmail.com

    I don’t want to talk about it.

    (The worst part is, this is the email I still use. Awkwardsauce.)


  2. orangedrummergurl

    Let me start off by saying I was twelve. I had dyed my hair orange for some odd reason. I played the drums in my school’s jazz band. And I was/am a girl (or should I say “gurl”). 


  3. actually, it’s puppylover07013@yahoo.com again.

    You can put my tumblr url up. I’ll show myself to the world :)


  4. kadeja@bored.com

    I happen to love my name. So why not use only my first name in my email, amirite??? Anways I was always super bored and on I practicalyl lived on bored.com. The site has since taken down it’s email account system and I was just left with shame and unverified accounts on MySpace.

    I don’t care if you link this. I’m sleepy.


  5. One1TheFirstJustTheNumberTheSecondSpelledOut@hotmail.com


  6. bleedingheavily@yahoo.com

    I think that one is long since dead now…

    Submitted by superdoofus-stratodrive 


  7. puppylover07013@yahoo.com

    I made this one in the sixth grade. At that time I loved puppies and was ok with sharing my zip code with the world. Once I got into high school, it became awkward to explain to everyone the meaning of it.

    You don’t have to put my name or a link to my tumblr. The e-mail address is enough shame :P


  8. sk8tgurl@mail.com

    This was my email for about a year back in fifth grade. I think the best part about it is the unnecessary “t” after the 8… and the fact that I have never even been on a skateboard.


    Submitted by croissanting


  9. citrus_chick_16@hotmail.com

    I was eleven and wanted to declare my love for citrus fruits. One of my classmates told me porn stars use email accounts with fruit in the name. Didn’t get what the fuck she was talking about then and I still don’t get it now. 


    Submitted by soupdujournal


  10. first screen name


    I was in 6th grade. I have no clue what was wrong with

    Submitted by amaro